esd-safe products

esd-safe products

Products which are electrically conductive, discharging or easily inflammable require special safety measures -

namely ESD-protection -- ESD: electrostatic discharge.

A spark or current, arising in an electrically insulating material and creating a short but strong electrical current pulse, can be very dangerous.

Therefore, the KIGA ESD-series is designed to avoid electronic discharge on your electronic product or even on your employees.

The protection against static fields as well as the avoidance of disruptive discharges are secured - for a safe transport of your electronic product.

Our systems are certainly based on international standards regarding protection of electronic components against electrostatic phenomena.

A lot of our products are available in ESD-material, even when they are not shown as separate article here on our site.

If you are interested in any product out of ESD-material, please contact us or note it in the additional text-box.

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