Safety sumps

Safety sumps

Safety sumps
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KIGA Shop - Safety sumps

Safety sump trays are an indispensable security measure in dealing with, transporting and storing of water endangering fluids and substances. They prevent the release of leaked fluids onto the floor or into the ground and ground water.

With safety sumps, you are not only protecting the environment but also your employees, since leaking fluids can easily become hazards for them.

In our shop you will find safety sumps for all usages, starting with the small 20 litre safety sumps all the way up to 220 litre safety sumps, just as well as safety sumps specifically for pallet cages or as pallet-safety-sumps.

The advantages of plastic safety sumps, as opposed to metal safety sumps, are their low weight and easy handling. KIGA safety sumps are deep drawn from a single piece of plastic and therefore have no welding seams that might start to leak. Our plastic safety sumps have a high resistance against most acids and brines, lubricants and oils. If you are not entirely sure whether our safety sumps are the right solution for your purposes, please contact us anytime.

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